Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Early days

It was requested that I put some photo's of the chickens when they were younger on this blog. I have looked back in the archives of history and found several that fit the need. Here are a few of the young pullets and cockerel.
That is Pearl as a chick. They used to practice flying up to the cage door, and then jump on your lap. In this picture you can see a heat lamp. Chicks always need one in the vicinity so they can keep warm, until they grow their big feathers. this is when they were little more than fluff.
The good ole days!

Jasper is the white,Doc is the light brown next to her.
Lemony growing some feathers.
Julia on the feed, and Charles, the white, behind her. This is the stage where they resemble young turkeys(half feathers, half fluff)

Young Richard Peck. Back in the days he was nice, and very cute too!


Anna said...

They look a little strange in the half feathers half fluff stage. Richie was so cute and nice!! What happened??

♫ŤΔΜΪΞ said...

Pearl must have been one hot chick! It's amazing how much the chicks represent the adult chickens.