Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gathering of Bloggers!

Today I met with three fellow bloggers, and we discussed possible ways of promoting blogging (ok, fine, we actually had a sleepover and had a great time and didn't discuss blogging as much as it suggests in the previous sentence.). I met with Nadine from Candy Cane Llama, Agent Pizza from Blogs of Pizzas, AG from The Most Awesomest Blog Ever, and Emma from her new blog Emmas Dilemmas. Also, present were Agent Catnip is not a bloggers, but is helpful in her own way. We had a great time, and enjoyed the first official day of Winter Break.


Agent Catnip said...


hannah i do beleive that you should check thi spell of thou's endist of thi par-a-graph.
(Hannah,I do beleive that you should edit the end of your paragraph)

-Agent Catnip

Hannah said...

Alright I fixed it!

cymcyn said...

nice meet to you
cute chikens