Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yay, an award!!

I got an award from Cori! Thanks! Now I have to give it to 15 deserving bloggers. The bloggers are listed below the award.

AG at The most dumbest blog ever

Me at More Yarn Please

Mark at Lone Wolf Photography

Tia at 5256oo minutes

Vonna at Vonna's Ventures

Dottie Angel at Dottie Angel

Dave at His take on the matter

Tamie at any of her blogs

Liz at Liz can Fizz

Olivia Grace at Olivia Grace

So once you have the award, give it to 15 of your favorite blogs and bloggers!

Oh, and I have a special award for Agent Pizza's masterpiece Blog of the Pizzas.

I made it myself! Alright, Agent, now give this award to a very three deserving bloggers. This blog award is awesomer so less people can have the priveledge of getting it.

Excellent blogs everyone!


AG said...

HANNAH!!!! That's not very nice! My blog is NOT dumb!

☼Ңαnnαh♥ said...

hehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehe. Emma thought it was hilarious too! okay maybe not, but you have to admit it was very clever!

♫ŤΔΜΪΞ said...

I'm flattered, Hannah, but I decline. I don't like to recieve awards all that much and I don't like to give them away just for the fact I don't want any fighting or arguing on my behalf.

Bob the Great said...

Hi, recently you gave Agent Pizza the Weirdest Blog Award, which he gave three people one of which was me, and I'm wondering whether or not I should give it to three more people, and if so those three should give to three more, etc. etc. Thanks!