Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some kitten pals~

One of our friends in Michigan got three kittens and we saw them while we were there. My cousins and I got to name a few of them too. The kitten pictured below is Gracie. She was hiding under a propane tank when I got this picture. Kind of random, but she was.
This is Macho Taco. I named it Salad first, but then they changed it to Macho Taco. They are both really weird names, but I still like salad better.
Here is Gracie again..My sister wanted to name this one Millie, but it got changed to Twiggy. Here is my beloved Salad again...
The kittens were very entertaining for us while we were in Michigan. When we go back next year they will be all grown up.

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Elizabeth J. said...

Aww.. those ar such cute kittens! Cats are my favorite pets.

If you might be wondering, I arrived here from Arianna's blog. Feel welcome to drop by my blog.