Wednesday, September 30, 2009

About time for another post!

Yes, I have been a bad blogger lately, but I have been really busy with homework, softball and all those other things. Well, here are some pictures from the summer, I got to go to the fair with my friend Anna and I took some pictures of the chickens there.

This one was huge! It was actually the same breed as Richie(Orpington) A bantam in motion.
Hopefully, I will have more time to blog in the coming weeks!


Roberto Wong said...

Hi Hanna, thanks for your comment in my blog "Dédalo adentro" (Dedalus inside) ¿How did you get there?
Your blog is really unique and I am glad you are a person who enjoy good books.
I hope to be in contact once in a while. I'm a Cuban born visual artist who live since 1993 at te USA.
See you!

PD: How can I get a "flag counter"?

Emily Joy said...

Hi Hannah! Just wanted to ask you to switch following my old blog ( and start following my new blog ( Thanks!

~Emily Joy

☼Ңαnnαh♥ said...

Sorry Roberto! I am not on my blog very often, so I did not see your comment.

To get a flag counter, just click the counter on my blog and it will send you to original website. There you can follow steps to add it to your blog!

Thanks for visiting!