Saturday, March 6, 2010

Signs of Spring

Today was a beautiful, there were many hopeful signs that spring is on its way! Here are three of the thirteen eggs laid today, its the most we've gotten in awhile. I also took some pictures of some of our trees that started blooming this week.
Our cat, Shadow. She always likes to be wherever I'm taking pictures.
Not a cloud in the sky...
The full collection of eggs-

I almost forgot, my sister and I got interviewed last week for the radio on the ins and outs of raising chickens. It was a very interesting experience, and I think she is going to give out this blog address so we will have a lot more readers! I will have to update more...

Enjoy this beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah, thanks for following the flitch blog! get everyone you know to follow mine!! haha

I also love that cat!

cant sign into google on moms comp (security issues seeing as it is her work comp)

☼Ңαnnαh♥ said...

hmmm maybe.

well thanks for the comment, and yes shadow is awesome.. better than some other cats I know(*cough* evel). jk

Vonna said...

Congratulations on the wonderful interview. Can I have your autograph now? :-) Blessings!