Sunday, November 14, 2010

Obviously my blog is a bit of a failure recently because I haven't had the time and there isn't really anything chicken related to blog about. I have a lot to say, just not about chickens. So I am considering making a new blog... Well, if I do make one I will post it on here.


John said...

Hannah! I'm hoping that you'll find Home Grown Cow - despite its name - something chicken-related to blog about. I know it's not exclusively chicken related, but I hope it counts. Home Grown Cow is a new venture aimed at supporting small-scale farmers - chicken, other poultry or livestock.

We only just launched our site in beta last week, but have been thrilled at the positive response from the ag community, and farms have already begun to sign up. While the site is still a work in progress and not open for selling yet, we are actively seeking farms to participate. It costs nothing to list your farm, we only charge a small service fee if and when you make a sale. We welcome all farming practices as our goal is to offer maximum choice to consumers. Our service includes payment processing (credit card), order conveyance and SEO/SEM marketing. We are also in the process of setting up a shipping solution so all the farm has to do is print a label that is sent to them and stick it on the box. We expect to go live to consumers before the end of this month.

Please check us out at

I appreciate any promotion that you might want to offer. Thanks! John.

Hannah said...

Thanks John, I will check it out!

PamKM said...

(I'm not sure if you received this because the blog site asked me to create a profile. I'll try again in case the message wasn't delivered. Let me know what you think about the following story? Thanks!)

Hi Hannah! I'm contacting you in January 2016 from the Biz Kid$ show that airs nationally on PBS stations. Are you and your sister still raising chickens despite being in college now? If so, we're interested in doing a short profile about you two and your chicken business. If this interests you, please contact me asap at I'll be happy to send you a sample of our stories.

I sent this message via FB but we're not friends so I don't know if you received it.

Pam Kilborn-Miller
Biz Kid$ Profiles Producer
Seattle, Washington