Saturday, February 28, 2009

Inspiration comes from anywhere(even chicken feet!)

J.K. got hold of my jeans again. Thank goodness her feet were clean. You know there are chickens that have feathers on their feet? Yes, and they are very hard to take care of because dirt and mud get stuck in the mass of feathers. Click here to see one. Yes, I take such random pictures, but for real inspiration, go to the bottom of this post.
I looked up "foot" just for fun on the quotations page and found a few thought provoking quotes. Here are a few:
"One who walks in anothers tracks leaves no fooprints"-Proverb
"A slip of the foot and you may soon recover, a slip of the tongue you may never get over"-Benjamin Franklin
"I don't look around 7-foot bars to jump over, I look around for 1-foot bars that I can step over"-Warren Buffet
Just a bit of foot inspiration for you!


Anonymous said...

You know, Hannah, I've never really looked at a chicken's foot up close - very interesting! I always wonder why birds' feet don't freeze off in the winter - they are so thin and have so little covering... Should I knit socks for the chickens?

Hannah said...

Actually Chicken feet are very warm! When you are holding them they are like little heaters. Thats why when they sleep on the roost they don't get cold. They are laying on their feet. However, I am sure the socks would just add to their warmth plus we could get a good laugh! Thanks for coming by!-Hannah

Robyn said...

Chicken's feet are very warm :D
Hi Hannah, just popping by to say hello from another 'chook' lover :D
Love your siggie! so fun
Robyn xx