Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Morning Excitment

This morning we had a chimney fire. It was 7:30 and we all got out of the house and Mom moved her car out of the way. Firetrucks from two of the local stations came, and one of the guys asked me some questions about the fire. He asked if there was smoke in the house and if you could see the flames. The fire people and Dad did their thing, and Mom, Emma and I hung out outside. I really wish Emma's camera worked on this computer, because we got some good pictures. An hour and a half later they had the fire out, and one of the Fire ladies came out and looked at the chickens. I took a picture of her and Charles, but like I said, for some reason the pictures didn't show up. The neighbors came over and made mom some coffee. Grown ups are so weird about coffee. They always need it. Anyway, the fire people said that Dad had been doing a good job cleaning out the chimney every month, and the fire would have spread to the house if he hadn't been doing such a good job cleaning it out. I really wish I could show you some pictures, but maybe during the week I will.

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