Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lady Bird; Beautification of America

Lady Bird Johnson(the human one) had a project called "The beautification of America". This was dedicated "To bring natural beauty to America's public places". It involved clearing highways of too many billboards. She was a great First Lady dedicated to beautifying America. And with that, here is the chick Lady Bird! I love the combination of chicks and flowers!

So far Lady Bird is one person's favorite chick(Anna). Perhaps she can get some more fans through this post!


Sorrelpaw said...

Yes, I did choose my name from Sorrelkit. ^^ I just loved her character so much.

Thanks for posting!

ஐяιтαஐ said...

HELLO HANNAH!!thanks for your comment on my blog!!your blog is very interesting and wonderful!!!WOW!!i'm not russian..I'm Italian!!bye

ஐяιтαஐ said...

I'm very happy to follow your interesting blog!!!but where are you from?

Anonymous said...

nope, that is not me in the header. I decided never to put a picture of me on my blog!

Lauren Ann

Marcos Antônio Tanaka said...

it is really a good combination!