Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh no, it's a dude!

As my friend Kate always says, well she just says the word "dude" a lot. Anyway, I am getting worried that Aretha isn't as feminine as we thought her to be. We might have another rooster in the making. Darn.

I guess I might just be a bit paranoid after Richie, but as the guy at the Grange told us "You've got to have a rooster". Hmm, I may be counting my roosters before they crow.


Cori said...

Hannah, the title of your post made me laugh out loud. I think it is too soon to tell. I've got my fingers crossed that Aretha doesn't become Arthur.

me said...

I am hoping that our Aretha continues to sing the Motown sound as a chick... or we'll be singing the blues!!!

I AM said...

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Happy Week End

Hannah said...

Good point Cori! Well, we got another chick of her breed and she is way more developed than Dolley.

me: Thank you for your comment. You always bring good insight into this blog!

I AM: Thank you for coming to mine!

PS It is so awesome getting all of these comments!

♫ŤΔΜΪΞ said...

Oh, I hope Aretha isn't a dude. It'd be so sad to lose one of chicks, especially since Aretha was one of the cutest. Just wait longer to be sure, cause Aretha could just turn out to be a dudish chicken. (I don't know what I'm saying, so don't listen to me. Well, listen to 'me' but not me.)

AG said...

Do you think that Aretha will be as annoying/mean/weird as Richie?

♫ŤΔΜΪΞ said...

Is Richie expecially annoying/mean/weird? I don't really know the personalities of all the chickens quite yet. You'd think I would by now, wouldn't you?