Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Which breed?

Lady Bird is a Silver Laced Wyandotte. On her chick cage it said "silver wyandotte", and there are two varieties of Wyandottes. Chicken enthusiasts will know the Silver Penciled Wyandotte and the Silver Laced Wyandotte. Today I was comparing Lady Bird's plumage with that of what she will grow into. I am relying on chicken enthusiasts(Cori?) that it looks like Lady Bird will be a silver laced Wyandotte. I am not sure, which is why I need some help!
This is a picture of a Silver Laced Wyandotte.


halestone said...

oh she's sho cute!

rebeca said...

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Karl Halvorsen said...

Thank you Hannah for visiting my blog. I like what I have seen in yours to.

Blogging is reel funny! Have a nice day!

Santi_Sac said...

Hi, i'm Santiago (james in english), you left a post on mi blog and i was wondering how did you get to it???
Where are u from?
I'am truely sorprised by your message.
How old are you???
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Jorge Pereira said...

I Hannah,
Thanks for your visiting my blog. I live in Estremoz, Portugal. It´s a little and beautiful town. You have a very nice blog too. Now I will come here every day. Sorry about my English.

Hannah said...

Wow, you all have excellent english! Really, I am really amazed how many of you can speak english! It is sad we Americans don't learn all of your languages. I am learning french right now.

Thank you for coming!


Cori said...


What a cutie!

I'd say that looks like a silver laced Wyandotte.

There's a great website for chicken pictures-

indiavikalp said...

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indiavikalp said...

hi Hannah,

thnx for your comment ..really appreciate.

i liked your visit to the Suprem Court and how the staff play basketball in the afterhours! (some info)

also the snow at your farm and taking the chicken out in the snow because your blog is chicken news.:)

if i had a vote in the US, i'd not vote for Hillary..I'd vote for U,

any plans to run??


Anonymous said...

OMG you have CHICKENS!!!! hugs hugs hugs! I do too. I have a site for them too, even though I rarely update it:

Yes Cori is a SLW, that pretty gal. We had a SLW named Vanda.

Come on over to BYC ( and join the chicken-loving forum, my user name there is HorseFeathers.

Anonymous said...

Oh oops I thought Cori was the chicken (sorry Cori, whoever you are)

Thony Jefferson said...

Hannah! Please be a follower of my blog! Now you, Thony Jefferson

me said...

such fun on this blog! chickens are the greatest!!

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