Friday, May 8, 2009

Its your favorite bird...

Ok, maybe yesterday wasn't the last of Rosalynn. I think we are almost out of pictures of her. almost.

There were some beautiful forget me nots in the backyard. Actually, I think they were the weed variety, but they were pretty all the same.


Elrania Peredhil said...

I've awarded you!

indiavikalp said...

Hi Hannah,

u're a very creative person,

and have an immense respect for life,

liked your blog too,


strange conincidence that i too have a farm, although im a journalist by qualification,
manu, india

Hannah said...

Wow, thanks! I love getting comments! Thank you for stopping by! I really apopreciate it!


indiavikalp said...


its evening here in india so stopped by again when i got more free time,

i really think the blue flowers are amazingly pretty,

u sure have an eye,

and u r beautiful,

r u in the US?

will follow your blog,


Hannah said...

Thanks! Yes, I live in the US and that is really cool that you live in India! To follow a blog for just click the "follow" button up with the 56. Well, you probably already knew that! Thanks for coming!


indiavikalp said...

hi hannah,

u r my friend,

u r welcome to india. do let me know when u plan,

love, manu

indiavikalp said...

whats your e-mail,

i cud update you ab my blog if id think something would interst u,

mine is

send your mail there,


Hannah said...

I don't give my email out to bloggers, sorry! HOwever, could you put the URL of your blog into your next comment? I can follow it from there.

You can comment on posts other than this one. I can look at comments easier on the more recent posts.


PS If you like my blog, please follow it!