Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Second in Command

Jed considers himself head of the coop. Richie on the other hand believes Jed to be second in command. Even with these differing opinions, they don't confront each other too much. Wow, I like this picture of him! He looks so authoritative.
He looks a bit mean here.
Look at those tail feathers. That is something Richie doesn't have!


Anonymous said...

You should add the following places to your list; I saw them go by:

Sammamish, WA
Hillsdale, New York
Jacksonville, Florida
Mountain View, Callifornia

Also, Jed looks really nice with his tail feathers so long!

Hannah said...

Thank you! Are you Olivia? If so, I really like your blog! I love your header design! I only put international places on the sidebar, because there is twice as many places in the US that show up. Thank you for stopping by! And thank you so much for following! I love followers!