Saturday, March 14, 2009

A tribute to Charles.

This is really sad and unexpected. Today we went into the coop and Charles was standing there, with his head and bum down. He wasn't moving at all, and Charles is usually the most active of all of them- trying to escape and running around. We took him into the house and set him near the fire on some newspapers, but he still wouldn't move. That was on Thursday.

Today his comb was purple and he kept his eyes closed for long periods of time. We took him up to the house and put him in a straw-filled box. We sat with him for two hours, and tried to feed him water and Gatorade, but his eyes were closed. He can't seem to sit down, so we think he is egg-bound, which means he can not release an egg. I have checked all my books, but I can not find anything remotely similar to what Charles has. You all know of course that Charles is my favorite chicken, and I am pretty sad about this. He will die either today or tomorrow. You may think"Oh he is just a chicken, you have 11 more". But it is like losing a dog or cat to any of you.

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I didn't want to post a picture of Charles in his current condition, I just don't want to remember him that way. I want to remember his curious, crazy manner that I liked best about him. Here are some of my favorite pictures of him:


AG said...

OM Goodness Hannah! I am SO SORRY!! I know he was your favorite. Do you not want us to talk about it on Monday? Well, look on the...........I'm sorry, I can find no bright side in this.

Hannah said...

Its ok Anna I am not too bad. He is still in the garage. Emma is the worst, poor girl, she has sat with him for like three hours, but I'm tring to help her out, telling her to remember the weirdo Charles and not this still one. I can talk about it on Monday, I am surprised I'm not more teary. Well, i guess that is good. I guess it just doesn't seem at all like Charles, he is usually curious and going everywhere, so I was worried he would run away when we put him in the garage, but he's not moving. Thank you for your supporting words.