Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring break is almost here!

As the days toward our trip to Washington DC become fewer, I have been doing some researching on the different places we will visit, to make sure we won't miss out on anything. We will be visiting the Washington monument as shown in the photo above, as well as these attractions:
  • Vietnam Memorial
  • White House
  • Supreme court building
  • meeting with our state senators with other citizens of our state(!!!!!)
  • Some of the Smithsonian's(as many as we can fit in!)
  • The Holocaust museum
  • and many other points of interest!

I am very excited for spring break and counting down the days left till that fateful week! Yay!

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Princess of All Chocolatey Drinks said...

Cool! I am so jealuos. So do you own chickens, or do you just like to hang out with them alot.
P.S- This is Abigail from Volleyball.