Friday, March 27, 2009

Yay Spring Break!

Wow, I am so psyched for vacation! As you may know we are going to Washington DC, and tomorrow I have to wake up at 4:10 am! Yes, it probably is not wise of me to be blogging this late, but I think I can sleep on the six hour plane ride to New Jersey right? That is my excuse, anyway. Well, while I am on the plane I am going to be reading this:Yes, it is one of the best books around for learning about chicken illnesses and other problems that might come up. I am hoping to come across something that will explain what happened to Charles and Amelia. If you are thinking of getting chickens, or already have them, this is the book for you! By the way, I have scheduled a bunch of posts for this next week, so Chicken News will still be going while I'm gone. I am so excited!

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