Monday, March 9, 2009

A Wayward Winter

There are eleven days left of Winter, but that hasn't stopped the snow before. When I was in first grade there was snow on the first day of Spring. Unlike the last post, I have some pictures to display for you. I hope you like them, and enjoy the snow!
This is a large cedar tree on our property. I really liked the contrast of the green of moss and the white of the snow. I think it creates a nice effect.
Looking out the front door...
The view out my bedroom window. And I had to drag chickens in, since this is a chicken blog. I took Meez for a short walk, keeping her quite warm of course. However, I had an "Anna incident" as I have come to call it, and I put her away soon after. Enjoy the snow while it last and for those of us who are in school: Keep your fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow!


AG said...

Ooh!!!!! That's too bad, Hannah, I'm so sorry. Now you feel my pain.

Maire said...

Hi Hannah! I love your blog! Its so original; I would love to have chickens, friends of ours do, but town says no. I also love your photos! Have a great day