Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It is revealed!

I wanted to wait to tell you just to make sure, but now it is for sure! Yay! Well, most of you probably know already but, we are getting more chicks!!!! YAY! I know, it is going to be so awesome. We have been thinking about it since February, but at last it is for sure because I have done all the research! Yay! I had to read this 344 page chicken health guide, before we could get them, and admittedly I am not done, but pretty close! I wanted to learn more about what happened to Charles and Amelia. I've got Charles figured out-she had a type of Bluecomb disease. It has to do with infected water. I learned we have to change the water more often than we have before.

Back to the chicks! We are getting them next Wednesday!(Hey Anna can you come over after school that day? Please!). We are getting them at 7 am right when the feed store gets them. For chicken enthusiasts, we are getting Sicilian buttercups, Barred Rocks, one Americana and one speckled Sussex. Here are some pis of the breeds. Of course we are getting them as chicks so they won't look like that for a while yet! :)

We have already thought of names for them, but those will come later!


halestone said...

wow. you really like chickens. i really love cats. we have 2 of them! and they're twins, like me and my sister!

Cori said...


I love the Sicilian buttercup! Really pretty. I can't wait to see the pictures of your chicks. Do they have white ear lobes?

I'm going to hatch some eggs in my incubator again this Spring.