Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring break shades

Wow, I had an amazing break! I won't give many details here because I want to tell most of you in person. It will be more exciting that way! We went to Washington DC and were able to visit just about everywhere we had planned to go. It was not what I had expected, but better!I got these awesome sunglasses, which I wore the whole time. Mom said I looked like John Lennon. I don't know what to say about that but she said it was a good thing.
We visited the FDR memorial. It was very well done even though we went through it backwards.
You might be able to tell that I kind of liked these glasses.
Oh my gosh, I am not wearing my glasses! Oh well. Wait, that was before we got them. We were there at the best time, during the cherry blossom festival. The trees were blooming everywhere and the scent of blossoms was everywhere. You can be assured that most of the posts this week will be recounting the trip! I kept a journal during the trip, but the first day took up 5 and a half pages. Then I got a little lazy about keeping up with it.


AG said...

Oh Em Gee I think that the FDR Memorial was probably one of my favorite memorials. Isn't it awesome! With all the water everywhere and the engraved rocks!!

Hannah said...

Quite, quite! It is a good one! I'd have today my favorite part was the senate.