Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Other attractions~

I am so glad we got to everything we wanted to do in DC. Here is some other attractions we went to see and the description of some of their history. This is in the supreme court room, we went to a twenty minute lecture and it was actually quite interesting. Did you know that there is only one higher court in the nation? Above the courtroom, the clerks laid a hardwood floor and they play basketball there during breaks. Isn't that weird, a basketball court above the Supreme? I definitely did not know that before!
Here is me at the library of congress. The architecture was amazing.
We saw an actual chunk of the Berlin Wall. I touched it even though the sign said 'do not touch', but now I can say I touched the Berlin Wall. So one side of it is covered in protest Graffiti and the other side is painted all white so the guards could clearly see anyone escaping over it. They would be shot. This exhibit was in the Newseum, a really cool museum that I wished we could have spent more time in.

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Melissa said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog post, Hannah. You seem like a really technology savvy person. Your blog is awesome! I am glad that you use a lot of technology in your classes. Yes, we have a SMART board in our class that we are learning how to use. It seems really fun and educational. Hopefully the school that I work at in the future is lucky enough to have one. :) Thanks for visting my blog!