Monday, April 20, 2009

Photos! Photos!

Here are the promised photos! First, I would actually like to explain their names. The theme is First Ladies. The names are:
  • Jackie Kennedy
  • Dolley Madison
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Lady Bird Johnson
  • Rosalynn Carter
  • Aretha Franklin

You might have noticed that Aretha Franklin is not a First Lady. Good for you. Well, when we were driving home, one of the chicks kept singing all the way home. Mom christened her 'Aretha'. Here are the pictures! Group shot here... The two lighter colored ones are Aretha and Dolley. Nice pic of Lady Bird, the Wyandotte Aretha looking quizzical. There are about 25 pictures with her in various poses. Jackie, who we have nicknamed 'Jacque'. I really have no idea why.

Hillary the barred Plymouth rock. You can tell Hillary from Eleanor, because Hillary has these yellow stripes near her eyes. The stripes actually resemble eyeliner.

We are having so much fun with these guys! They are already growing up. It goes too fast! (Well, admittedly it has only been two days, but you know)


Hub said...

here whe have got "Carla Bruni" for first lady...who is singing to...

Spottedstar said...

cute! i'm spottedstar and you're are following what do nthe warrior cats look like! check out my other 2 blogs and and follow!

halestone said...

i LOVE aretha and lady bird!!!! they are SO cute. :)
could you follow my blogs? don't pay attention to the imposter blog, i don't really like that one. my blogs are and the 2 one is about fashion.

Sorrelpaw said...

Aww! Cute!


Cori said...

They are so cute! And I love the theme. One year we named our chickens with the theme of favorite games. We had, Mad Gab, Boggle, Scrabble, Domino, Parcheesi Checkers, Chess, Uno, Sorry, Trouble, and Jenga. (Sorry and Trouble turned out to be roosters-how perfect was that?)

Barry said...

I would love to have chicks again this year. They're very cute. good luck with them!